Lamborghini Estoque Concept Revealed

Lamborghini-Estoque-2 After weeks of annoying teaser shots, Lamborghini finally unveiled their latest creation – the Estoque.  The Estoque concept is a full fledged four door Lambo – yep, a sedan Bull.  Unlike Ferrari, who will not be doing a four door of any kind, Lamborghini isn’t afraid to branch out.  On principle, I’d probably be against a sedan Lamborghini.  After seeing the Estoque, I have no such reservations.  This car looks exactly like a four door Lamborghini should look.  It’s outrageous.  It’s exotic.  It’s impossible to ignore.  And yet, it’s not ugly.  It looks exactly like it should, and no doubt it will perform as such too.

Lamborghini-Estoque The engine hasn’t been announced yet, but I’d bet on seeing the 560 HP V10 from the Gallardo LP 560-4.  And why not?  That’s a phenomenal engine, and leaves the Murcielago as the only V12 powered Lambo.   However, there is also a quiet rumor of a possible turbocharged V8 based on that V10.  Turbos and V8’s go together fantastically on exotics, so again, I have no problem with this.  Either way, this car will be stupid fast.  They will sell out very quickly I’m sure, regardless o what absurd price is slapped on the window.  After all, there is only one Lamborghini sedan.

Published on October 6, 2008 in Lamborghini

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