Kia Rondo to Exit US Market

Kia Rondo
The ill-advised Kia Rondo will no longer be sold in the US market after the 2010 model year – at least it certainly appears that way. Kia officials say they’re still mulling it over, but according to Kia’s website:
Thank you for inquiring about the Rondo. As the saying goes, ‘all good things must come to an end.’ But with endings, come new beginnings…
With that foreboding quote, there’s a picture of and a link to the 2011 Sportage. ┬áIf that’s not set in stone… well…
Looking through my archives, I never did a full write-up on the Rondo. If I had, it would have made the point that I don’t “get” the Rondo. I don’t know what it was supposed to be.
Besides the 14k or so people who took a Rondo home this year, no one else seems to get it either.

Published on August 23, 2010 in Deadpool,Kia

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