Kia Mesa Spy Shots

kia-mesa I’ve never really considered Kia a serious player in the automotive world.  And it’s not because of their lack of a midsize body-on-frame SUV, either.  So why in the world are they building one, now of all times?  As far as we can tell, the upcoming Mesa will be an old school, truck based, body-on-frame SUV about the same size as an Explorer.  Now, I’m not personally against truck-based SUV’s.  In fact, I think they make the most sense as SUV’s, at least how they’re designed to be used.  The market disagrees though.

With the recent sales of midsized and large truck-based SUV’s in the toilet, and smaller car-based CUV’s skyrocketing, one really has to wonder what in the world Kia/ Hyundai is thinking by building this vehicle now.  Do they have some insider information that gas is about to get a whole lot cheaper?  Unless they do, I think the Mesa is a huge mistake, and destined for infamy.


Published on August 11, 2007 in Kia,Spy Shots

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