June Sales Numbers

As usual, I won’t bore you with every single detail on how June’s auto sales went. Instead, I’ll touch on some of the best, and some of the worst. If you don’t see it here, then you can safely assume that brand falls somewhere in between. To start off with, let’s take a look at some top performing brands:

June’s Best Performers

  • Subaru +3.4% Subaru has been probably the best brand at weathering the auto sales apocalypse. Showing a 3.4% sales gain is nothing short of tremendous, and the folks at Subaru should be commended for it.
  • Volve +0.6% Volvo up? Really?
  • Kia -5.1%

June’s Worst Performers

  • Suzuki -78% Time to shut ‘er down, Suzuki. Stick a fork it in, you’re done here.
  • Porsche -66% Actually surprising in a way. Though not really, since Porsche’s aren’t exactly inexpensive.
  • Saturn -60% Who knew – a dead brand saw their sale tank. Crazy, that.

As for major companies, Chrysler was down a total of 41%, while Ford was down just 10%. The combination of Chrysler’s bankruptcy, and Ford’s shunning of free Uncle Sam money is the difference here. I’m hoping that Ford can continue to move forward without accepting huge government loans. So far it seems to have provided a sales boost, or at least a smaller decline.

All in all, June was bad. But not nearly as bad as the past few months have been. Perhaps there’s a chance that we’re getting near the bottom in this whole mess. What do you think?

Published on July 1, 2009 in Auto Industry News

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