June 2008 Sales Numbers

Two items pretty much sum this one up:

Hummer sales down 54%.

Honda sales up 18%.

People are buying smaller, fuel efficient cars, while avoiding the pigs.  Imagine that.  A few more of the failures for June:

Acura down 16% – New models might help things soon

Buick down 34% – The buyers are dying off

Chrysler down 36% – Hmm Sebring or Accord – what would you buy?

Ford down 20% – No one wants Expeditions

Jeep down 33% – Surprised?

Lexus down 21% – Wow!!

Mitsubishi down 35% – Their cars are bad, what do you expect?

Saab down 52% – Should be 100%

Toyota down 10% – Didn’t see this coming, at all


And some of the positives:

Audi up 18% – No explanation

Kia up 21% – Cheap cars, decent on gas

Benz up 12% – I guess the super rich aren’t affected by $4 gas

MINI up 40% – Amazing.

Subaru up 18% – People are buying smaller AWD Subarus instead of 4×4 Hummers and Tahoes.

Published on July 1, 2008 in Auto Industry News

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