Jeep Ultimate Lineup

For the first post in my Ultimate Lineup series, I’ve chosen Jeep to trim the fat from. Of all the automakers, I think that Jeep has the worst overlapping of models, and could benefit most from some fat-trimming. The current Jeep lineup consists of 7 vehicles ( counting the Wrangler 2dr separate from the 4dr ). My Jeep Ultimate Lineup consists of just three models – the other four get the axe.

Jeep Ultimate Lineup

Grand Cherokee – I don’t like the Grand Cherokee much. It’s a dated design, the gas mileage is abysmal, and the handling is atrocious. But when equipped with 4×4, a Grand Cherokee can off-road with the best of them, and that’s what makes a Jeep a Jeep, after all.

Patriot – It’s no secret that I don’t like the Patriot. But it’s good for Jeep to have a compact entry, and the Patriot is less offensive than the Liberty, if that’s any consolation. But a Jeep on a FWD platform is still embarrassing. At least the Patriot is Trail Rated, unlike the Compass.

Wrangler – The original, and ultimate Jeep. There are few vehicles on the road today that have the tremendous brand loyalty to match that of the Jeep Wrangler. Without the Wrangler, there is no Jeep – simple as that.

The ones that didn’t make it

Here are the losers in the Jeep world – the ones that just don’t fit in, and don’t make it into my Jeep Ultimate Lineup.

Commander – A poor implementation of a poor idea. There’s no reason for a supersize Jeep, and certainly no need for one with a useless third row. The Commander was always a wannabe-Hummer, and the public noted this with disdain. The Commander is on it’s way out, and rightfully so.

Compass – It’s hard to consider a FWD “cute-ute” as a Jeep. Leave the cutesy to other brands. Jeeps are for off-roading and work, not for playing dress-up.

Liberty – The previous Liberty was too cute, and the 2008 model is too ugly. It looks like a mini-Commander, and my feelings about that vehicle are no secret. With the Patriot in place, there is no need for the Liberty any more.

Wrangler 4 door – Who, exactly, takes their entire family off-roading? That is what a Wrangler is made for, after all – driving in places that normal vehicles can’t go. And what can this Wrangler 4 door do that a Grand Cherokee 4×4 cannot? That’s what I thought.

Published on April 6, 2007 in Ultimate Lineup

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