Jeep Commander getting the Boot

Someone at Daimler-Chrysler got the message that the Commander sucks! The word on the street ( and when I say street I mean internet, in case you didn’t know ) is that the Commander is getting the boot after 2009. So we only have to suffer through 2 and a half more years of seeing this hulking beast on Jeep dealer’s lots. I’m not sure what the hell DCX was thinking when they gave the Commander the green light. Let’s review the endearing traits of this ill-advised vehicle :

  • Extremely cramped 3rd row seating, only fit for the smallest of children, or amputees.
  • Styling that screamed “I want a Hummer but can’t afford it”
  • Horrid, horrid gas mileage. I mean really, really bad.

Add to this that DCX was throwing a stupid amount of money on the hood of every Commander – to the tune of nearly $8000 per unit. Of course, you could say that the Command was hugely overpriced from the beginning, and you’d be right. But there never really was much of a business case for the Commander. Just another classic example of DCX having their head up their bums.

Via Winding Road.

Published on January 22, 2007 in Deadpool,Jeep

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