January 2009 Auto Sales Numbers

January’s dismal numbers have been posted in detail elsewhere, but I wanted to hit on a couple of the highlights. First the good news (  you remember what good news is, don’t you? ):

  • Hyundai +14%
  • Kia +3.5%
  • Subaru +8%

Go Hyundai, bucking the trend.  A 14% jump is strong during the good times, and it’s unheard of lately.  Most everyone else wasn’t so lucky.  Here’s some of the worst performances:

  • Buick -45%
  • Chevrolet -48%
  • Dodge -50%
  • Ford -40%
  • Hummer -60%
  • Jeep -50%
  • Mercedes -42%
  • Pontiac -60%
  • Saturn -60%
  • Suzuki -49%
  • Volvo -64%

There are a lot of terrible, terrible numbers in that group.  But the absolute king of not selling cars in January is the unloved Chrysler brand.  This doomed brand took an absolutely unprecendented 69% dive in January.  Sixty nine percent down.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Looks like the Germans were brilliant to unload this group when they could.  Cerberus, on the other hand…. not looking so smart.

February has to get better, right?  Right?  Bueller?

Published on February 5, 2009 in Auto Industry News

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