January 2007 Sales Numbers

The sales numbers for January of 2007 are in, and things are pretty ugly across the board.  I’m just going to touch on a few that jump out at me – you can read the full story at Autoblog.

GM took a 22% nosedive, partly because of reduced fleet sales, which is a good thing long-term.  Ford saw a 20% decrease for the same reason.  We can look forward to seeing numbers like that all year – fantastic! 

Hummer saw 26.7% less behemoths drive off their lots – no surprise there, and we can’t blame it on fleet sales either.   You don’t see a lot of Hummers driving around with Enterprise stickers on the back, eh?

Mitsubishi actually increased sales 20% – who knew they had it in them? 

Isuzu is apparently still selling cars here in the US – I have no idea what vehicles they sell.  But they moved 667 of them last month – woo Isuzu!

Pontiac was the worst off, with a massive 38.5% decrease.  Not surprising, considering that the Solstice is the only Pontiac even worth looking at these days.

Toyota wins, again.  Yawn.

Published on February 2, 2007 in Auto Industry News

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