Is this the 2009 Nissan Maxima?

nissan-intima-concept Meet Nissan’s most realistic concept – the Intima. Aside from the horrible name, you’ll see that this is a largish sedan, complete with pointless-feature-of-the-day suicide rear doors. Since the front and rear doors open in the same spot, there is no room for a B pillar. In a car this large, that’s likely to mean the rigidity of a wet noodle – not exactly fitting for a Nissan.

nissan-intima-concept-side Nissan is introducing a completely new Maxima in 2009 – and this could possibly be the first glimpse at what they have in store for it. There has been talk of a “four door coupe” design, and the Intima goes slightly along those lines, though not as far as I was expecting. The front end seems a bit large and boaty though – it could stand to lose a few pounds.

Once upon a time the Maxima lived up to the “four door sports car” name. Today it’s a big, bloated machine that is outclassed by it’s own younger brother the Altima. Let’s hope that Nissan doesn’t introduce the Intima as the new Maxima. I’d love to see the Maxima go on a diet and shed some pounds – get some of that performance edge back.

Published on October 23, 2007 in Concepts,Nissan

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