Hyundai’s New Rep

Hyundai’s New Rep

Ever since the launch of the anticipated Genesis, Hyundai has been stepping up to the plate. The Genesis sedan took it’s first North America Car of the year award for 2009. After judged by 50 full time automotive experts who have critically analyze each and every car from the market, with months of road testing. It had proven itself worthy to be one of the most top honored cars in North America. Ever since then Hyundai’s image has changed.

Despite the “Economic Downturn” Hyundai managed to jump from 72nd place in 2008 to 69th place in 2009 as the top 100 brands in the world. With only a -5% change in value from 2008, this $4,604,000 Hyundai icon stayed under the average -7.4% in brand value change with other automakers. They even topped Porsche’s 75th place with a -8% in their $4,234,000 brand value. And Ferrari with their $3,527,000 brand taking 88th place with no change in value. And Coke tops #1 on that list, no surprise right?

Anyway I said all that to make a point. Ever since the launch of the Genesis taking them into the  luxury/ RWD platform. They are changing their image to reach people who have different needs and wants. From a 10k small nibble work a day car like the Accent. To a 33k high end Luxury BMW fighter Genesis Sedan. Hyundai has a car for everyone. I believe Hyundai is indeed becoming the next generation Honda. I expect more from them in the future.

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Published on November 2, 2009 in Auto Industry News,Hyundai

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