Hummer HX Concept

This is a day that I thought would never come.  A Hummer vehicle that I actually like.  The Hummer HX Concept takes the Hummer idea and mashes it with the Jeep Wrangler to create something, well, incredible.  The result of this mashing of ideas is a compact off-road beast with stunning no-nonsense looks.  No will will mistake this for anything but a Hummer, and it just looks ready for some mud.  Front and rear overhangs are very short to keep departure and approach angles high.  Oh, did I mention the roof, fenders, and doors are all removable?

Hummer-HX-Concept The HX Concept would be the first “green” Hummer too.  That is, if you believe in ethanol as a green energy source, which I absolutely don’t.  The engine is a 304 HP 3.6 liter flex-fuel direct injected V6, hooked up to a 6 speed automatic.  Reportedly max power only comes when running on ethanol, though at the cost of fuel economy plummeting.  Your call, I guess.  There’s a pair of back seats that brings total seating to four, but I wouldn’t want to sit back there any more than I would in a Wrangler.

Will the Hummer HX come to market?

Hummer-HX-Concept-2 No clue.  With the recent CAFE bill passed, any gas guzzler concepts are risky to produce.  If GM can manage to make this puppy get halfway reasonable mileage, then they need to build it.  The Wrangler has been unopposed for far too long, and the HX is the perfect competitor.

Published on January 11, 2008 in Hummer

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