Honda Ridgeline is dead

Officially, Honda is only canning the unloved Ridgeline for two years1, with plans to resurrect it in 2016. Given the poor sales and tightening fuel economy standards, I can’t see a business case for bringing back the Ridgeline. Yes, I know that Ridgeline sales has technically been up this year, but they’re still terrible.

Honda is not a name that comes to mind when someone is looking for a “full size” truck. If Honda insists on being in the truck market, there is a solution. Honda should bring the compact pickup truck back to the United States. With the Ford Ranger gone, there are precisely zero new compact pickup trucks available for sale in the US. Honda could fix that, and they might even sell some.

Marketed and priced correctly, a true compact 4 cylinder truck could be a home run for Honda.

  1. Production is scheduled to end in fall 2014. 

Published on July 16, 2013 in Deadpool,Honda

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