Honda Element Bites the Dust

2011 Honda Element

Would-be Honda Element buyers should head over to their local Honda dealer in a hurry. Honda has announced that 2011 will be the last model year for the original box mobile. With sales dropping every year since it’s introduction, there’s really no surprise here. Honda moved 67k Elements in 2003, it’s first year. That number dropped to just 14k last year, and this year is on pace to finish up even worse.

Officially, Honda says that Element buyers are opting for the CR-V instead. In reality, Kia, Scion, and Nissan have their own boxmobiles that are doing quite well. It’s a matter of practically zero updates since 2003, and a higher price tag than the competition.

If you absolutely must have an Element, its’ time to pony up the cash. They won’t be around much longer.

Published on December 3, 2010 in Honda

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