Holden Coupe 60 Concept

Holden-coupe-60 Yet another awesome car that the Aussies will (may) get, and Americans will not.  Based on the VE Commodore, the Coupe 60 sticks with the same wheelbase, though it ends up a couple inches shorter overall.  The lines on this car are just plain sexy.  The wheel arches may be slightly overdone – but just slightly, if at all.  The front look is just plain mean with the very low splitter, and the profile is gorgeous.  The cockpit features full racing harnesses – for both front and back seat passengers.

Under the hood you say?  How about GM’s excellent 6.0 liter V8?  Would that be ok with you?  And if Holden hooked it up to a six speed manual?  Well, that’s what they did, so no complaints from me.  So we’ve got a crazy hot design, huge V8 power, the ability to row my own gears, and a bad-ass interior.  Anyone important Australian cars these days? 

Check out the rest of the pics after the jump.

Holden-coupe-60-b Holden-coupe-60-c Holden-coupe-60-d   Holden-coupe-60-e

Published on March 13, 2008 in GM

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