Hillary Clinton wants CAFE set at 55 MPG by 2030

Hello, President Clinton the second. I doubt Hillary will actually become president, but she’s got balls, that’s for sure. The current energy bill being considered has a goal of setting the CAFE standards at 35 MPG – Hillary wants to go way beyond that.

Her plan includes two steps – 40 MPG by 2020, and the big one of 55 MPG by 2030. The current standard is just 25 MPG – so we’re talking about a huge, huge jump. Apparently she’s a believer in the whole global warming deal, as well as reducing foreign oil dependency. Whether you believe in global warming or not, we do need to rely less on oil imports.

Part of Mrs Clinton’s plan is also to offer an astounding $10,000 tax credit for plug-in hybrids ( count me in! ), and 100,000 PHEV vehicles for the federal government’s use. She also wants to earmark $20 billion for “Green Vehicle Bonds”, so the US automakers can retool their plants and achieve 55 MPG averages.

Hillary has definitely shown some cajones with her plan here. I will be sad to see the end of the new muscle car era, for sure. But I think that high mileage cars are the future, and it’s better to change by choice now, rather than forced change later, when oil is scarce. Anyone ready to vote a woman into office?

Published on November 5, 2007 in Gas Mileage

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