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I don’t have an official comment policy here on houstoncars.org – I pretty much expect everyone to use common sense. For the most part, that works great – people get to add their thoughts and opinions, and no one gets their panties in a bunch. But on my 2009 Dodge Ram post, I’ve had to delete several comments that were inappropriate.  I never remove or edit comments because someone disagrees with me.  I encourage disagreement – it’s fun to see both sides of an argument.  But the replies on the Ram post get downright insulting.  If you’re out of line, I’ll delete your comment, period.  If you continue to leave comments that piss me off, I’ll ban you from the site.  Most of you don’t even need to read this post, just continue as you are.  But those who are going to far, it’s time to stop.  Let’s all pretend we’re grownups, mmmkay?

That just goes to show what kind of person buys a Ram, I guess.

Published on October 22, 2007 in Site News

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