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Car dealer reviews are nothing new for Houston Cars – it’s something we do on a regular basis.  Normally the reviews are focused on Texas car dealers.  However, today we’ve decided to branch out and include the largest Seattle Ford dealer – Harris Ford.

New Cars – A different approach

Most new car dealers show every new car they have in inventory.  Harris Ford decided to go against the grain.  Rather than lose potential customers who are looking for a specific unit that Harris Ford might have, shoppers get to see every possible configuration.  With a vehicle configurator, online brochures, downloadable e-brochures, and 360 degree views, the options are nearly endless.  Quite frankly I prefer it this way as opposed to listing out the hundreds of in-stock vehicles.

When it comes to Ford Dealers, Seattle – Harris Ford is pretty much the one you want to see.  Their inventory is huge ( so huge they don’t show it online – good move ), and their reputation is pretty solid.  The new vehicle specials are pretty impressive too, by the looks of things.

Figure out your payment easily

One of the best additions to Harris Ford’s site is the Ford vehicles loan calculator.  Simply put in the basics of your purchase – months, rate, selling price, and down payment.  The calculator automatically figures out the monthly payment, as well as the total you’ll pay in interest.

On the cutting edge

With the fancy display on new vehicles, Harris Ford is really on the cutting edge when it comes to automobile dealers.  The best part looks to still be in the works.  There is a link for a Harris Ford blog – but it’s not quite active yet.  If these guys can get a blog up and running – wow.  Very few car dealers blog effectively, and it can have a great impact on the dealership’s success.  Good luck Harris Ford, you’re on the right track.

Published on May 7, 2008 in Reviews

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