Golf TDI Hybrid

vw-golf-tdi-hybrid I’m almost starting to wonder if I need a whole section of Houston Cars dedicated to diesel hybrids.  The VW Golf TDI Hybrid is the latest diesel hybrid to be announced.  VW’s hybrid design is a full hybrid system, capable of powering the Golf solely on electric, solely on diesel, or with a combination of the two.   Of course the popular auto-stop technology will be present as well.

Not much is known as far as specs, but expect to see a 7 speed DSG transmission, and gas mileage as high as 69 MPG.  That’s on the EU cycle, so expect the US rating to be a bit lower. The engine could possibly be the 74 HP 1.4 liter, 3 cylinder diesel currently found in the Polo BlueMotion. 

So much for Volkswagen hating hybrids.  It sounds like they have come to their senses and joined the winning team.


Published on March 3, 2008 in Hybrids,Volkswagen

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