GM’s RWD Ambitions Gone

Remember how GM was going to release more vehicles on a new RWD platform?  Vehicles like the next-generation Impala, and a new Pontiac GTO were going to be more performance-oriented with this new platform.  However, due to the fuel-efficiency advantages of the FWD layout, these plans have been scrapped.  The new Impala will be pulled by the front wheels, and there will be no new Goat.

Why, you ask?  CAFE.  Due to the new CAFE regulations, GM needs to be very careful about any vehicles it brings to market – they all have to work toward the goal of meeting the 35 MPG corporate average.  Volume vehicles, like the Impala, are especially important since they pull more weight in the average.  Instead of a fresh new RWD platform, expect the Impala to ride on a modified version of the new Malibu platform.  So long RWD Impala.  Even though we haven’t known you for years, you will be missed.

Published on January 22, 2008 in GM

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