GMC Granite Concept – Looks like a Scion

No one besides GM brass knows why GMC still exists.  GMC has always sold badge engineered versions of Chevy models.  Nearly the same sheetmetal, nearly the same packages, and nearly identical pricing makes the brand absolutely pointless.

Instead of dropping the brand, GM is seemingly committed to reinventing it, or expanding it, or… well I just don’t know what the hell they’re doing.  The new GMC Granite concept is proof that I’m a confused individual.  Here, before I blather on anymore, take a look at this thing.

GMC Granite Concept Gallery

OK now that you’ve seen what I’ve seen, hopefully you had the same reaction.  It seems GMC is confused about what their own “Professional Grade” slogan is all about.  I suppose a Scion sized, Scion shaped, Scion inspired people mover could be Professional Grade…..

On second thought, there’s just no way to justify that.  Selling a Scion next to a Sierra 3500 with a big diesel engine?  Sure, GMC can call the Granite an “Urban Utility Vehicle” all they want, but this, my friends, is not a GMC.  If GM insists on keeping the brand, they need to make sure it makes sense.  Build this vehicle if you want, but make it a Chevy.

Published on January 11, 2010 in GMC

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