GM to buy Chrysler?

There have been rumors floating around for awhile now, that GM is considering purchasing Chrysler. I called it way back in December 06, with my 10 Auto Industry Predictions for 2007. That is, I called it that Daimler would rid itself of the parasite that is the Chrysler group. I had no idea that GM would be so reckless and stupid to consider being the one to take on the burden.

That’s right, take on the burden. Chrysler is nothing more than a parasite who will continue to suck the quickly-fading life out of the once-great company that is GM.

On that topic, when the hell did GM recover enough to even CONSIDER making a massive purchase such as that of the Chrysler group? It seems like 5 minutes ago they were bleeding money ( wait they still are ) and were divesting small holdings as quickly as possible, so they could raise cash. Now, all of a sudden, they are flush with money and eager to spend it. What’s going on in Detroit?


Published on February 26, 2007 in Chrysler,GM

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