GM Planning more Crossovers

GM makes my head hurt so, so bad.  It’s as if they want to die.  See, they just announced that they plan to release a Saab and Cadillac crossover vehicle.  Both of these CUV’s will likely be built on the ‘Lambda’ platform, currently shared by the Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, and Buick Enclave.  It’s far from a done deal, but Bob Lutz is talking about it, which means it’s as good as done. 

Here’s my question, and it’s a simple one.  Why does GM need 5 versions  of essentially the same vehicle?  If they build one, correctly, and outstandingly, then that one vehicle will do the job of five.  Manufacturing costs are sure to be less, and marketing said vehicle will be significantly less.  To see how this is done, GM simply needs to look over the big pond we call the Pacific Ocean, at Toyota or Honda.  When Toyota builds an SUV, let’s say the RAV4 for example, they do it just one time.  I don’t personally care for the RAV4, but there’s no question that it’s a quality built, purpose-built vehicle.  Toyota focused their energies and research on building one excellent vehicle.  Once built, they can focus their energy on marketing one vehicle.  There’s no need for five different versions under five different brands…..

GM has nearly gone bankrupt for many reasons, one of which is the incessant rebranding of vehicles.  There’s no need for a Saab SUV, and there’s no need for a Saturn SUV.  These vehicles don’t need to exist.  There needs to be just one version of the Lambda platform – and that should’ve been the GMC Acadia.  All other clones serve no purpose, and just dilute Acadia sales.  GM needs to focus, and quickly.  Via Motor Authority.

Published on January 15, 2007 in GM

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