Get a Tesla Model S for Free

Jason Calacanis, founder of Weblongs, Inc, CEO of Mahalo, and proud owner of a Tesa Roadster, is doing something unprecedented.  He’s giving away a brand new Tesla Model S.  We’re talking about a $50,000 all-electric, revolutionary vehicle here.  For free.

OK, what’s the catch?  Well, of course there’s a catch.  See, Jason started a new Twitter account, @auto.  If Jason can get more followers on @auto than any other Twitter account, the Model S goes on the giveaway block.  So far, this account has just over 10k users.  That’s nothing to sneeze at in the Twitter world, but he has quite a way to go.  After all, the current leader Ashton Kutcher sits at over 4 million users.  That’s a long way to go, but Jason has a history of getting things done.  If you want a chance at the free Tesla Model S, follow @auto, and tell everyone you know.

Published on January 4, 2010 in Tesla

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