Four Door Ford Mustang – It’s coming

First Ford brought us the current generation Mustang, and it was good. Then Ford brought us the Mustang GT, and it was better. After that, Ford decided to really step it up and brought us the majestic beast that is the Shelby GT500. The Mustang is alive and well, and the best it’s ever been.

Why, oh why is Ford planning to mess this up? The Mustang is the strongest brand they have ( with the possible exception of the F series trucks ) , and is at an all-time popularity high. Ford is planning to release a 4 door Mustang ( that’s a 4-door coupe, ala Mercedes-Benz, not a sedan ) as well as a possible wagon version. If produced, these units will arrive in the next-generation Mustang – scheduled for 2011.

Some specialized brands can benefit from expansion. Porsche comes to mind – while it’s most well known for it’s 911 coupe and Boxster roadster, the Cayenne made perfect sense. It’s a very much performance-oriented and styled SUV released when SUV’s were the hot item.

Mustangs are now, and always have been, two door, rear wheel drive cars that offer bold styling and solid performance at a reasonable price. Building anything with more than two doors and slapping the running horse on it is a travesty, and would do nothing more than sully the Mustang name. In my eyes, it’s the equivalent of releasing an ‘entry level’ V6 Corvette – something that the General has been mulling over.


Published on December 13, 2006 in Ford

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