Ford to reward executives for losing $2.7 Billion

Last year Ford posted a net loss of $2.7 billion.  While that’s significantly better ( less bad? ) than the Blue Oval’s performance in 2007, it’s hardly commendable. The total cost to the company, and the amount of the bonuses, haven’t yet been released.  For comparison, last year bonuses ranged from $300 for the lowest paid salary workers, up to $15,000 for top level managers.  And that was in a year that Ford lost $12.6 billion – a record for the company.

When you look at it that way, Ford had a $10 billion better performance in 07 than they did in 08, so the bonus levels should go up drastically.  I wouldn’t mind taking home a cool $15k bonus for helping lead my company into bankruptcy.  ( If you weren’t able to read the sarcasm dripping from this last paragraph, then you might want to get your computer checked out ).

Published on February 20, 2008 in Ford

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