Ford recalls 180k SUV’s and Vans

The owners of 2007-2008 Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators be warned – Ford is recalling a cool 124,000 of these vehicles.  There’s a possibility of the spring system inside the door breaking – the concern is that the latch could open during a crash.  Why that’s a terrible thing, I simply don’t know.  Ford things so however, and will be fixing all 124k of these units. 

The other recall involves E-Series vans, as well as 07 Expeditions and Navigators ( only 5.4 liter versions ).  A faulty fuel rail crossover hose could crack and leak, potentially resulting in a fire.  This is a recall you don’t want to ignore.  Flames on the hood might be cool, but flames under the hood are so out.  Keep an eye on your mailbox, and schedule an appointment at your local dealer once you get the notice.

Published on February 11, 2008 in Ford,Recall

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