Ford Ranger – So long!

2007-Ford-Ranger According to Automotive News, the Ford Ranger will be history by the time 2009 rolls around. This juicy tidbit of info was buried in Ford’s recent UAW agreement, which detailed the closure of Ford’s Twin Cities plant.

The Ranger hasn’t seen a major update in ages, so it’s no surprise that Ford is shutting down the operation for good. Toyota and Nissan handily outsell Ford in the small truck market – and it’s been that way for a long time. The market long ago demanded that small trucks become midsize trucks – and Ford is the only automaker to refuse. Since all the other midsize trucks are still alive and kicking, you can see how that decision turned out for Ford.

The Ranger is a bad truck, by today’s standards. But I don’t think it’s all because of it’s size. Folks are migrating towards smaller vehicles these days – just look at the trend in cars. I think that if Ford had managed to keep the Ranger modern from a technical / mechanical standpoint, then we might be seeing a huge resurgence in Ranger sales today, instead of a death sentence.

Published on November 20, 2007 in Deadpool,Ford

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