Ford Ranger may live to fight another day

Previously I’d mentioned that the Ford Ranger would be done in 2009.  After not seeing a major update since, …. hell I don’t remember when.  1984?  The end seemed pretty much imminent.  But today’s wild-ass-rumor suggests otherwise.  With gas prices at record levels and no improvement in sight, truck buyers have been doing something novel.  Get this – they’ve been buying only as much truck as they need.  In other words, the only compact pickup truck still on the market – the Ford Ranger.  Sales are way up – only Toyota has been moving more small pickups ( and the Taco is hardly small these days ).

Ford will have to throw *some* money at the Ranger, if only to offer the mandatory side airbags.  Beyond that don’t expect much.  The Ranger has always been a basic, bare-bones, no BS kind of truck.  Without the cash for a big overhaul, Ford isn’t going to do a whole lot.  At the end of the day, I’m OK with that.  The Ranger won’t win any towing awards, or awards for luxury.  It’s a stripped-out, rough around the edges, old-school pickup truck that gets respectable gas mileage.  And that’s a good thing.

Published on June 25, 2008 in Ford

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