Ford Mondeo Hatchback

The Hollywood Extra has pics of the new Ford Mondeo Hatchback – and some thoughts on what Ford should do with it – ‘ The Mondeo could be sold at a competitive price in the US if Ford really wants to. But they don’t.
I don’t think they could sell it for $18 000, but how about $22 000 and make it truely more upscale than the Fusion.
Compete with Passat instead of Altima/Accord/Camry.’

Indeed, the new Mondeo looks like it would make a good Mercury. Mercury is a brand that has so many issues and so little relevance, it could use a booster shot. Maybe go the route that GM went with Saturn. If GM can turn Saturn into the US Opel, then why can’t Ford turn Mercury into the US version of Ford Europe?

Published on January 15, 2007 in Ford,Mercury

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