Ford Interceptor Concept

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but this picture of the Ford Interceptor concept looks different than those that have been floating around for awhile. I’m loving the front end, lots of chrome but not too much there. The hood is just sick looking, I love it. Fender decorations are neato, the rear is unique and sexy. I thing the side profile is way too Chrysler 300…. they need to lower the beltline just a little bit to distinguish the Interceptor better.

What’s under the hood? How’s a 400 HP 5.0 liter cammer V8 sound? Yup, the same one from Ford Racing. And, unlike the pansy-ass 300C, you get to bang your own gears with a 6 speed. Out back, you won’t find any fancy independent rear axle here, no sir. Solid rear axle rules the day.

The more I read and see, the more I like… too bad I won’t ever see one of these puppies. Today is a day of fuel-efficient 4 cylinder gas engines, hybrid powertrains, and baby diesels. Seeing the Interceptor make it to Ford dealer’s lots would be nothing short of miraculous. I bet we’ll see a big run-up on Yukon XL’s and Expeditions before we see that. Too bad, I say.

Here’s what Autobytel has to say about the Ford Interceptor Concept – ‘Just as was the case with the 427, we’re a fan of the Interceptor, if for no other reasons than it packs a big engine, puts power to the ground through a manual transmission, and does the whole big sedan thing in an in-your-face way that that few outside the domestic market can match. Unfortunately, chances of seeing the Interceptor anywhere near production are less than nil.’

Published on January 10, 2007 in Ford,Future Vehicles

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