Ford – Back in Black

After a stunning 8 consecutive quarterly losses, Ford is back in the black.  In fact, they’re way in the black – they posted a $750 million profit for the second quarter.  Really that number looks a lot better than it is – excluding special / one-time items, the profit was $258 million. 

Either way, it’s a heck of a lot better than the $317 million they lost in Q2 2006.  And if Ford manages to unload Jaguar ( even at a $0 deal ), the profits could continue to rise.  I’ve said for years that things at Ford aren’t as bad as they seem.  However, they need to get off the whole “selling Volvo” deal and focus on selling Jaguar, and maybe Land Rover.  Here’s to a bright future, and continued profitability, at Ford.

Published on July 26, 2007 in Auto Industry News,Ford

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