First Smart Electric Drive Car Delivered

Every time someone sees a Smart car for the first time, their reaction seems to be “Oh that’s the new electric car.” At least every time I’m with someone who sees one for the first time. I’m tasked with breaking the bad news that no, in fact, that’s not an electric car. It uses gas, and it’s not even that great on gas.

Smart has now delivered their first ForTwo Electric Drive here in the states. Mindy Kimball of Silver Spring, MD is the lucky buyer. In fact, Smart is only delivering fifty of these vehicles to regular folks – the rest are for fleet sales.

With the absurd pricing of $2400 down and $599/ month for a least… it’s probably not a bad thing that supply is so limited. One can lease a much larger, more comfortable, better equipped Nissan Leaf for $2,000 down and $349 per month. Besides those buying for the novelty, where’s the market for the outrageously priced Smart ForTwo Electric Drive?

Published on January 26, 2011 in Electric Cars

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