Ferrari Says Two Doors is Enough, Thank You

Ferrari Logo Prancing Horse

According to Amedeo Felisa, the brand of the Prancing Pony will never make a four door Ferrari.  According to Autocar, Mr. Felisa said this:

As Enzo Ferrari would say, we will never do four doors. And we will keep this tradition.  Frankly speaking no-one is asking for a four-door Ferrari. If you want a four door Ferrari we have a Maserati.

Both Aston Martin and Porsche have recently introduced four door models, despite protests from purists.  Porsche had already pissed off a bunch of purists with the Cayenne SUV anyway, so not much more damage could be done by the Panamera.  Aston Martin will be selling the Rapide sedan starting this year.

Surely Ferrari could make some extra coin by offering a four door pony.  Wealthy buyers would line up to buy it, just like they do with every Ferrari model in recent memory.  Fortunately Ferrari’s chief recognizes the importance of keeping the Ferrari brand crystal clear.

Published on May 4, 2010 in Ferrari

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