Ferrari Dino Spy Shots

Copyright: Brenda Priddy & Company Ferrari still denies that the Dino exists, and rather exuberantly.  However, these spy shots from Brendy Priddy suggest otherwise.  This Ferrari to your left is clad in 599 sheetmetal, but you can tell that the actual vehicle is a bit smaller.  According to the photographer, the engine sound was unlike any Ferrari currently on the road.  The engine note of the 599 is extremely distinctive, and would’ve been noticed right away.

There’s no word about specs or price yet, since this vehicle doesn’t officially exist.  Pricing is guesstimated to be around the $150,000 mark, which would undercut the F430 quite nicely, and open up possible Ferrari ownership to a lot more folks.  Very rich folks, still, but less obscenely rich than before.

Published on August 15, 2007 in Ferrari,Spy Shots

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