Ferrari 599 GTO Photos and Pricing

We haven’t seen the famed GTO name on a Ferrari in quite some time – but we’re about to see it once more.  The 599 GTO that you see pictured here is up against some pretty famous company, but I think it’s up to the challenge.

Remember, this car is rumored to have a 700 HP 6.0 liter V12 under the hood.  Seven hundred ponies.  Seven hundred.   Redline will come at a screaming 9,000 RPM.

Gorgeous looks, check. Ridiculous power, check.  Outlandish price, check.  Oh, I didn’t mention the price?  How about a base price of $319,495 euros.  Just in case you don’t speak European, that’s roughly $426,000 , depending on the day.  And remember, that’s the base price. Nothing Italian goes out the door without some very, very expensive options.

Ferrari 599 GTO Pics

Published on March 29, 2010 in Ferrari,Supercars

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