Fenix Supercar Images

These are the first known images of the upcoming Fenix Supercar, to be built by Fenix Automotive.  Though you’ve probably never heard of them, surely you’ve heard of Noble Automotive.  Well, Lee Noble ( owner of the former Noble Automotive ) is running the show at Fenix.

On first look, I’d have to say there’s a lot of Lamborghini resemblance in the Fenix Supercar.  That’s not exactly a bad thing, but I prefer more unique supercars.  If I’m going to drop a few hundred thousand dollars, I want something really special.

Looks aren’t everything, of course.  Performance is what really matters in the supercar world, and I think the Fenix has that covered pretty well.  Buyers can choose between the more pedestrian 480 HP Chevy LS3 V8, or the Big Dog, also known as the 638 HP LS9.  The badass engine, of course, is from the Corvette ZR1, and is an absolutely monster.  Couple that huge engine with the target curb weight of 2645 lbs… well… you can do the math.  This car will be ridiculously fricking fast.  And it can be yours for a cool $240 grand.   We’re taking donations here at Houston Cars, by the way.  You know, in case you were wondering.

Published on January 7, 2010 in Supercars

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