eBay Find of the Day – 2002 Maxima 6 speed

2002-maxima-se-manual This 2002 Maxima is a very fine example of what made the Maxima such a great car.  It looked better than the other offerings on the market, it was faster, it handled better, it was reliable, and competitively priced.  The current Maxima has gone “upmarket” and is pretty bloated and heavy these days.  Not that it’s a bad car now, but certainly not as good as this example here.

2002-maxima-se-manual-inside As you can see, this is a fairly rare 6 speed manual version – something that you can’t even get on a Maxima today, at any price.  88k miles with a Buy it Now of $9950?  It’s worth a look if you’re a Nissan fan.  Click on either picture for more photos.

Published on December 18, 2007 in Ebay

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