Durango Hybrid to start at $45,340

What a bargain!  You too can own your very own fuel-sucking Hybrid Durango for the measly sum of $45,340.  EPA estimates aren’t out yet, but Chrysler is hoping for a cool 20 MPG rating.  Yep, just $45k so you can get 20 MPG.  What a deal.

The only way this is a deal is if you’re cross-shopping the Durango / Aspen with the Tahoe / Yukon hybrids.  In that case, you’ll come out about $8k ahead with the Dodge.  Other than that, this is a big, fat, loser.  There’s zero market for such a vehicle, as GM has already found out.  Just how many movie stars and senators can buy your product, exactly?

Published on June 24, 2008 in Chrysler,Dodge

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