Don’t buy a truck

Here in southern Texas, gas prices are about $3.09 per gallon for the cheap stuff ( 87 octane ) – at least in my neighborhood.  Folks here in Texas traditionally pay less per gallon than the rest of the country, probably because many of the refineries are nearby.  Anyway, in case you didn’t catch that, gas is $3.09 per gallon, and probably more where you live.  This is spring, folks, not the middle of summer.  It’s not peak driving season, and there have been no devastating hurricanes.  No huge supply disruptions in the middle east.  In other words, everything’s Jim Dandy in the oil markets, and gas costs a small fortune.

The alarming thing is the number of people who’ve mentioned to me their desire for a full-size truck or SUV.  Apparently the supersize incentives have brainwashed nearly everyone I know into wanting a completely ridiculous vehicle.  Folks, gas is very expensive right now, today, in a nearly perfect environment.  When, not if, but when something happens ( peak driving season, a hurricane, a butterfly flaps it’s wings in the middle east ), the sky is the limit.  Some experts are tossing around $200 per barrel oil…  which is probably a bit excessive.  But if that does happen, we could be looking at $6 per gallon gasoline.  At best we’ll be looking at $4 per gallon.

How do you feel about paying $4 per gallon in your shiny new truck that gets a whopping 11 MPG?  Not so good hmm?  Let me make something real clear to everyone – gas prices are not going down.  Not now, not later, not ever.  Sure there will be temporary dips here and there.  But the overall trend is assuredly upward.  Now is not the time for a full-size truck or SUV, unless you absolutely, 100% need it for your job. If you don’t, save your money, and get something vastly more fuel efficient.  Your wallet will thank you.

Published on March 10, 2008 in Misc

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