Dodge Ram Production Stoppage pickup 1500.20142274-396x249 There will be no Dodge Rams produced during the entire month of January, 2008.  With sales off slightly, Chrysler presumably wants to avoid getting back to the situation of having a huge inventory glut.  The Dakota is also built alongside the Ram, though there’s no word on whether production on it will halt as well.  With Dakota sales off 33% year over year, I’d say it would be a wise decision.  Better yet, axe Dakota production permanently.  Joking aside, I think the production pause for the Ram is a great move by Chrysler.  No reason to build more of what people don’t want to buy, after all.  It got them in a lot of trouble last year, and they don’t want to repeat the mistake.  Good move.

Published on December 7, 2007 in Dodge

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