Confused man suing Honda over Civic mileage

A California man bought a Civic Hybrid to save some money on gas – only he’s getting just 32 mpg with it.  Technicians at the Honda dealership weren’t able to find a fault, which leads me to believe than the man is an idiot.

See, I own a 2007 Honda Accord 4 cylinder, and I average 28 MPG with it.  The Accord is a larger, heavier car, with a larger, more powerful engine.  That’s not to mention the fact that it also lacks a hybrid powertrain.  So why do I nearly match this man’s Civic Hybrid MPG numbers?  Driving style.  This cat is probably one of those folks who drives 90 MPH on the freeway, and loves to drop the hammer rather than gently press the gas pedal. 

The biggest reason I think that this man is an idiot is because he is suing Honda.  See, Honda doesn’t come up with the fuel economy ratings.  The EPA ( a government agency ) determines, through their own testing, what numbers to put on the window sticker.  Honda has precisely zero to do with that process.  It would be like me suing Honda because my laptop battery doesn’t last long enough. 

After this guy gets laughed out of court, he needs to sit down and re-think things.  One, learn how to drive more efficiently.  There are ways to meet, or even exceed, the current ( Pre-2008 ) EPA numbers by driving differently.  After he takes some responsibility and learns how to drive correctly, he needs to go back to school.  It doesn’t make sense to sue someone about something they have no control over.

Published on July 10, 2007 in Honda

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