Chevy Impala to remain FWD

2008-chevy-impala Before the latest gas price spike, it was pretty much a sure bet that the next generation Impala would have the power sent to rear wheels.  Chevy enthusiasts all over the country were delighted to find this out.  After all, a die-hard Chevy fan can’t very well buy a Charger or Chrysler 300 to get their RWD fix, can they?

However, with the price of gas near or over $4 per gallon, and new CAFE rules set to take effect soon, everything has changed.  The Impala will remain on the same platform, sending power to the wrong wheels.  At least until 2012, that is.  Considering that the Impala is already very dated, I can’t imagine how dated it will look in 2012.  I wonder if it will even be worth redesigning the car then.  Will there be any buyers left?

No Real Impala SS

One of the best parts about the previously expected switch to RWD was the return of the “real” Impala SS.  Real meaning V8 powered RWD.  As it stands, it looks like we’re stuck with the V8 FWD joke that we have today.   It’s a shame really – a badass Impala SS would be a good performance car to have on the lot, even if there aren’t a TON of buyers.  I know that CAFE is real, and RWD cars don’t get quite the mileage that their FWD counterparts get.  But GM needs to build cars that people want to buy before any of that matters.  An extremely outdated FWD Impala isn’t exactly a hot ticket item these days.  Think it’ll get better with time?


Published on May 26, 2008 in Chevrolet

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