Chevy Camaro Convertible Concept – It’s coming

I’ll admit it, I hate the Camaro coupe concept. I think the grille is horrible, and the roofline is unspeakably bad. I really and truly hate the car, and that’s a fact.

The Camaro Convertible concept that you’re looking at here is a bit of a different beast. Yes, the big ugly grille remains, and I can’t help but hope Chevy does something, anything to change it. But the ugly roofline of the coupe is gone, and something wondrous has happened – it looks good. Well, it looks really good. Without the ugly roof to distract your eyes, the rear fender flares / hips really stand out and look great.

Will I buy one? Hell no, I’m a Mustang guy through and through. And, being somewhat of a student of history, I’d guess that the V8 powered Camaro will be fast for sure, but too expensive, uncomfortable, and unreliable. Maybe the General has different plans this time around, but I doubt it. With the V8 likely to be the LS2 from the Corvette, you’re already starting with a pricey engine. Is anyone planning to grab one of these when they come out?

Published on January 5, 2007 in Chevrolet,Future Vehicles

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