2014 Toyota Corolla

Toyota has finally redesigned the tin-can Corolla. The previous generation Corolla has been on sale for approximately 800 years, so this is a welcome redesign. Well, it should be. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen this design before. And then it hit me – the front end is strikingly similar to the Kia […]

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Toyota recalls 670k Priuses

Plural of Prius aside1, Toyota is recalling 670,000 of them here in the States, and a total of 2.77 million worldwide. What’s the big deal? There are two potential issues, actually. Number one is a flakey water pump, which could cause the engine to shut down at an inopportune time. Problem number two is a […]

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Nissan and Toyota cutting domestic production

By domestic, I mean Japanese, of course. Nissan is reducing Japanese production by about 15%, and Toyota plans to cut production by 10%. With the strength of the yen recently, exports have been very unprofitable for the Japanese automakers. Moving production out of Japan solves this problem.

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2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

Do you have too much money? Not sure what to spend it on? Do you hate trees and want to finally get rid of the bastards once and for all? If so, Toyota has great news for you. Meet the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser. This isn’t a full-on overhaul, so you won’t find the latest […]

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2012 Toyota Prius C

Toyota is running the board in hybrid sales, and they have no intentions of letting up. The Prius C is proof of that. The Prius C is a compact hybrid that will be both cheaper and more fuel efficient than the regular Prius. According to Toyota, the Prius C will have “the highest city mpg […]

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Toyota recalls 550,000 vehicles

The hits just keep on keeping on for Toyota. This time, they’re recalling over half a million vehicles for a potential steering flaw. Roughly 80% of the affected vehicles are in the US, according to Toyota. Only V6 powered vehicles are affected by the recall, which involves replacing the crankshaft pulley. So far, no accidents […]

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Plural of Prius

Thumbnail image for Plural of Prius

There isn’t just one type of Prius anymore – Toyota is expanding the line. There’s the regular ol’ Prius, the Prius V, and the upcoming Prius c. Now, more than ever, we have a grammar problem. What, exactly, is the correct term for more than one Prius? Toyota is running a poll to figure out exactly […]

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Toyota Prius V

Thumbnail image for Toyota Prius V

Hybrid Cars has their doubts about the usefulness of the upcoming 2012 Prius V: It’s not that the Prius V is a bad car or idea. With almost 60 percent more cargo space, the Prius V might provide the kind of versatility that many Prius consumers have indicated to Toyota that they want. Nevertheless, it’s […]

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