2014 Mini Cooper Unveiled

Mini / BMW pulled back the curtain on the all-new 2014 Mini Cooper. Outwardly, it’s clearly a Mini, and that’s good news indeed. It looks great – it’s just a modern evolution of the traditional Mini that we all know and love. It did grow in every dimension, which is much less good. It’s 4.5 […]

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Mini Goodwood to cost $52,000 in US

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My original estimate for The Mini to rule them all was a little short. I had originally figured that this Mini Goodwood would end up costing about $48,000. It turns out, the actual sale price will be a whopping $52,000. For a Mini Cooper. Mini is building 1,000 of the Goodwood cars, but only 140 […]

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2011 Mini Countryman JCW

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The Mini Countryman is the most practical MINI ever, at least for families. With four doors and seating for four actual adults, it’s a big step up from the traditional Cooper. However, practicality doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when we’re talking about Mini. To date, Countryman buyers get to choose between the tame 1.6 liter […]

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2012 Mini Coupe

I’m not going to do a full write-up of the 2012 Mini Coupe. Here’s all I’m going to say on the subject.It looks like this: It starts at about $700 more than the traditional Cooper that seats four. It seems to weigh, again, more than the traditional four seater Cooper. By nearly fifty pounds. More […]

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Mini Cooper Goodwood

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Mini is proud of their cars – and rightfully so. Even though they cost more than regular subcompacts, they are more. They’re worth more. The drive, the style, the quality… it all adds up to a premium package that people are willing to pay a premium price for. I have to wonder if there’s a […]

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2012 Mini Countryman to get rear bench option

Some would-be Mini Countryman buyers, (my wife included,) have been turned off by the fact that the mini-SUV seats just four. Sure, cramming a third person in the back would make it a tight fit all the way around, but having the choice is certainly nice. Mini has listened, apparently, and will be offering a […]

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Mini Rocketman Concept

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No one has ever looked at a Mini and say “That’s boring. It needs to be more interesting.” Looking at the Rocketman Concept makes you feel as if someone had. If you took a Mini Cooper and made it ever more different… more unique… you would come close to the Rocketman. The Rocketman concept is […]

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How Many can fit in a Mini?

The Mini Cooper is not a large car. That’s kind of the point, actually. Fitting four regular sized humans inside is surprisingly easy, though. Fitting 26? Not so much. Pilobolus Dance Company gathered up 26 very flexible people to try to set the world record for humans in a regular ol’ Mini Cooper. Twenty six […]

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