2013 Lotus Esprit Concept

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Lotus makes some of the most amazing cars on the road. When you think of exotics, Lotus is always one of the first brands to come to mind. While the current lineup of the Elise and Exige is impressive, there was something lacking. When the Esprit went out of production in 2004, there was no […]

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2010 Lotus Evora Pricing Announced

The 2010 Lotus Evora is set to be released during the first quarter of next year, and it finally has a price tag. How much will it cost you to pick up one of these 276 HP, 2967 lb rocket? $74,675 will get you in the door, including destination. That’s the entry price anyway – […]

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Lotus Evora Unveiled

No longer under codename Eagle, the Lotus Evora was revealed to the public today.  At first glance, there’s no question it’s a Lotus.  The styling is loud, and it’s not ashamed of that fact.  It definitely shares some design cues from little brother Elise.  What’s so special about the Evora?  It’s a 2+2 midengined vehicle.  […]

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2010 Lotus Esprit

Not a whole lot of people really know what a Lotus Esprit is.  Unless you’re a car guy, chances are you’ve never heard of Lotus, let alone the Esprit.  Fortunately, we are car guys, and we have heard of the Esprit.  And the big news is that a new Esprit is indeed on the way […]

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2009 Lotus Esprit Spy Shots

Automotive fans around the world have missed the Lotus Esprit since it stopped production a few years ago.  If you are among them, then weep no more – the Esprit is coming back, and it looks like it’ll be as a 2009 model, so you don’t have to wait too long. The specs aren’t hard yet, but […]

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