Jalopnik calls out Ferrari

Ferrari apparently claimed that they were the first to have a road car that could hit 9,000 RPM’s without exploding. Jalopnik, ever vigilant, had to put Ferrari in it’s place. We hate to break it to you Ferrari, but Honda beat you to it with the S2000. By over 12 years. Yea, there’s that. Not […]

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Ferrari F70

Sure, it’s just an artist’s rendering. But what a gorgeous artist’s rendering it is. It’s wild, it’s insane, and it’s utterly gorgeous. If Ferrari makes the F70 look half this good, it’ll be amazing.

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2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Thumbnail image for 2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

When you think of Ferrari, you probably think of four things. 1. They’re fast. 2. They’re red. 3. They are gorgeous. 4. You can’t afford one. Meet the 2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. it’s all of these things, to the next level. This is the fastest Ferrari ever. Think about that. Fastest Ford ever? Kinda a […]

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2013 Ferrari F620 GT

Thumbnail image for 2013 Ferrari F620 GT grabbed a shot of this amazing machine, and Autoblog managed to get a fancy render of it. It, of course, being the magnificent new 2013 Ferrari F620 GT. Put simply, this is the most powerful Ferrari ever. More powerful than the F40 and F50. More powerful than the 599GTB Fiorano. More powerful than the […]

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Ferrari won’t make a sedan

At the very end of an interview with Automobile, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa drops this gem: No, Ferrari won’t do a four-door sport sedan. We won’t do a crossover, either. That’s Maserati turf. That, friends, is good news indeed. Pedestrian Maserati can handle those silly four door vehicles. Ferrari is too good for that, and […]

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Ferrari F-340 Competizione

Thumbnail image for Ferrari F-340 Competizione

One-off concepts tend not to grab my attention. This time, however, I’ll make an exception. Meet the Ferrari F-340 Competizione, which will be built by Gullwing America. This car, based on the 1952 Ferrari 340 Mexico Berlinetta, will only be built for one lucky owner. The original was much more common, with a whopping three […]

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Ferrari offering free maintenance for seven years

Ferraris cost a fortune, and that’s no secret. But even would-be buyers are often scared off by the legendarily high maintenance costs of these fine Italian automobiles. To help motivate sales, Ferrari is now offering free maintenance every 12,500 miles for the first seven years of ownership on the 2012 California, 458 Italia, and FF. […]

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2012 Ferrari FF

Thumbnail image for 2012 Ferrari FF

FF stands for Ferrari Four, which has two meanings. First up is the number of seats – you can fit your whole family inside the 2012 FF. Second, and a pretty big deal, is for the number of drive wheels. That’s right, this is the first ever all wheel drive Ferrari. It’s just a concept […]

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