Chrysler recalling 400k+

Chrysler is recalling nearly half a million vehicles worldwide. The issue is the mechanism that controls the active head- restraints. (These help prevent whiplash injuries from car accidents.) These mechanisms could potentially be faulty in the affected vehicles. Even though no one has reported any injuries, Chrysler is issuing the recall. In some cases, a […]

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2013 SRT Viper

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Pardon me while I shake my fist at the sky, and wonder why I don’t have the seven figure salary or trust fund required to buy a 2013 SRT Viper. Now that I have that out of the way, THE VIPER IS BACK. It’s not a Dodge Viper anymore, it’s an SRT Viper. They could […]

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Recall Alert: Chrysler Town & Country and more

Owners of a model year 2008 Chrysler Town & Country, Chrysler Grand Voyager, or Dodge Grand Caravan may want to keep a close eye on their mailboxes. Chrysler has issued a recall for 300,000 of these vehicles. The problem? Possible random airbag deployment. Say what? Some of these vehicles may be prone to leaks coming from […]

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Pony Car Wars

Ever wonder how the Pony Car Wars of 2011 are going? The fine folks over at TTAC have some answers. The result probably aren’t a big surprise but they’re worth a look anyway. The biggest take away is this: the pony car is alive and well, even in this time of high gas prices.

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2012 Dodge Charger SRT8

Clearly Dodge is trying very hard to change my mind about them. They’re trying to force me to make a very questionable financial decision. When they updated the Charger for 2011, I was impressed. But this… this is something special. The 2012 Dodge Charter SRT8 is absolutely stunning. What a difference a blacked-out grille and […]

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2011 Dodge Charger

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The days of staring at spy shots are done – at least when it comes to the 2011 Dodge Charger. The front end gets a mild update, and looks as mean as ever. The real change is around back. For the past few years, I’ve thought the Charger was a good looking machine – except […]

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2011 Challenger Specs – How Interesting

With the introduction of the Chevy Camaro and the reborn Ford Mustang, Dodge’s pony car has been slacking in the performance department. When you remember that performance is what these cars are all about… well, it’s easy to see the issue for Chrysler. Ontario Street Car got their hands on a leaked 2011 Challenger brochure […]

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2011 Dodge Durango

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Chrysler is done with the little teaser images – the 2011 Dodge Durango has been fully unveiled. At least if you want to see the outside, that is. It looks like a Dodge Ram and a Chevy Tahoe got together and had a baby. If that sounds awkward, it shouldn’t – this is one good […]

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