Honda Ridgeline is dead

Officially, Honda is only canning the unloved Ridgeline for two years1, with plans to resurrect it in 2016. Given the poor sales and tightening fuel economy standards, I can’t see a business case for bringing back the Ridgeline. Yes, I know that Ridgeline sales has technically been up this year, but they’re still terrible. Honda […]

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VW Routan Bites the Dust

The brilliant Volkswagen Routan is dead. Of course, when I say brilliant, I mean ridiculous. What’s better than a Chrysler minivan? A VW badged Chrysler minivan, of course! That was the line of thinking that led to the creation of the Routan in the first place. Good stuff, right? Well, according to VW, they have […]

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The Boss is dead

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Long live the Boss. That would be my call, if I were in charge of things at Ford these days. The modern day Boss 302 does the legendary name justice, and is quite possibly the best Mustang you can buy today. Well, that will be true for a few more months, anyway. The 2014 Mustang […]

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Suzuki is done in the US

The American Suzuki Motor Company filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They will no longer even attempt to sell cars in the US. Considering the fact that they managed to move a whopping 2023 new cars in October, the few remaining Suzuki dealers may not even notice. If you just have to have a new Suzuki, you’ll […]

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Mazda CX-7 bites the dust

What, you thought that there was room for both the CX-5 and the CX-7? Nonsense. After all, the CX-7 was always on the small side for a midsize CUV. The CX-5 is hardly a midget, and the two are nearly the same size overall. The CX-5 actually has more interior room – both for cargo […]

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Kia Rondo to Exit US Market

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The ill-advised Kia Rondo will no longer be sold in the US market after the 2010 model year – at least it certainly appears that way. Kia officials say they’re still mulling it over, but according to Kia’s website: Thank you for inquiring about the Rondo. As the saying goes, ‘all good things must come […]

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Another One Bites the Dust: Explorer Sport Trac Dead

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With the introduction of the all-new 2011 Explorer, we all knew this was coming. Ford is ending production of the misfit Explorer Sport Trac. Considering how weak Explorer sales have been, and the Sport Trac makes up just a small portion of those… well.. no one is surprised by this announcement. With its odd proportions […]

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Why Ford Shut Mercury Down

Just like I mentioned a few days ago, Ford has announced the closure of the Mercury brand.  Production of the four remaining Mercury models will end by the fourth quarter of 2010.  With this announcement came notice that Ford will renew focus on it’s core brands – Ford and Lincoln.  Particularly, Ford plans to expand […]

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